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Pig Iron and Foundry Coke

As a partner of the European steel industry, Berliner Rohstoffhandel markets not only secondary raw materials, but also the primary raw material pig iron and foundry coke. In order to make sure that the delivery is on schedule, we have all common types of nodular and haematite pig iron as well as foundry coke ready for you at logistically convenient locations.

Humidity max. 2,5%
Volatile matter max. 0,9% ( anhydrous )
Ash content max. 8% ( anhydrous )
Sulphur content max. 0,75% ( anhydrous )
Phosphorus content max. 0,02% ( anhydrous )
Lower heating value min. 30.000 KJ/kg
Impact resistance M80 min. 73%
M40 87 – 89%
M10 7 – 9%
Size of pieces >90 mm, the majority of the pieces has a size between 120 and 150 mm.

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